About us

I AM LOCS INC is a Lochemy Mastery University that has created the lochemy method that allows loc wearers maintenance and restore their locs themselves. After years of experience the question we get the most is; what can I do to get my locs healthy? The answer is simple you must become healthy from within. 

What does this mean? 

Your locs grow as a result of cell turnover. If your diet is not healthy (unrefined sugar), your cells are not going to perform the way that they are supposed to. Your body is a perfect machine you can not live on an unhealthy diet and you can always use the health of your locs to gage your health. Remove Stress and get Rest. There is no way around it if your want long healthy locs

Loc RestorePre-Treatment Loc Cleanser


I AM LOCS INC has crafted a formula that takes care of your loc and scalp cleansing needs. After caring for and styling locs for over 10 years I find that I continue to get the same questions. How can I get my hair to grow? How can I get rid of flakes or dry scalp? How can I repair damaged locs? My answer every time, well after drink water, was herbal infusion. I would perform this with hot oil treatments and scalp massages. Since then many of my clients have been forced to stay home and care for their own locs. While I have been at home I have developed this formula in an herbal infused loc and scalp cleanser that addresses all of our client’s concerns, and now its available to you. Lochemy Pre-Treatment Loc and Scalp Cleanser is not a shampoo. Lochemy Pre-Treatment Loc and Scalp Cleanser for locs that blocks DHT, is warming and soothing to the scalp, hydrates the hair, and nourishes the skin on the scalp to promote hair growth and to stop hair loss.

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Retwist Your Locs With Us!

If you have dry or flaky scalp or just want to hydrate your locs and it’s time for your locs retwist this is the video for you. During these two appointments I provide voice over instructions to hydrate your locs to help reduce breakage in your locs. During the second appointment I give step by step instructions to achieve a neat and clean retwist of your locs. Get a medium length as well as a long locstyle ideas in less than 20 minutes!

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