black pepper

Chemical Composition:

This essential oil has amazing health and beauty benefits. It works incredibly to provide natural shine and strengthen the hair. Its chemical composition is robust as it addresses many health issues.

  • caryophyllene 19.12% – a spicy terpene- its the bite in freshly cracked pepper
  • limonene 9.74%
  • camphene 8.44%
  • vitamin K 13%
  • iron 10%
  • manganese 18%
  • proteins
  • nutrients
  • dietary fiber


warm mild and spicy; reminiscent of freshly ground peppercorn

Hair growth benefits:

black pepper is rich in A and C, flavonoids, carotenoids, and other antioxidants. This means it has incredible growth stimulating and dandruff fighting abilities. Black pepper helps to stimulate blood flow in the root of the follicle which, in turn, leads to hair growth.

Reduce hair loss:

mix black pepper oil and coconut oil and massage into the scalp for stronger and longer hair.

For dandruff:

effective in curing dandruff. When mixed with coconut oil it is effective at eliminating dandruff

Black pepper oil has been known to prevent premature hair greying.

Miscellaneous Benefits:

Warm sensation relieves aches and pains.  inhibits infection from bacteria and viruses, produces relaxation from stress, anxiety, and depression. It regulates blood circulation, improves glucose tolerance, and flushes out toxins.



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