Loc Styles for Men
Understanding the Stages of Loc Development Locs: Stage 1 Locs-Start or Starter Locs Loving oneself isn’t hard, when you understand […]
How Locs Mature – Your first 6 month  Month 1: Loc Development Be Patient There is Nothing to Expect   […]
The mature loc stage is just as exciting as the teenage stage, but this excitement is different. Your locs have […]
This is the one that you hear about the most as this is where your locs will spend the majority […]
During this stage budding begins. The budding loc stage varies for different hair types, however this stage can last anywhere […]
Stage 1 Loc Development: Starter Locs also called the Loc Start.
This Morning’s Affirmation was to Drink water, do research, and find new ways to love yourself