The Symbol for the sign-The Twins

 Opposite Sign-This zodiac is paired with Sagittarius

What Part of the Body does this sign control– the respiratory, the limbs, the nervous system

What Element Corresponds-Gemini is an air sign

What Number of the Zodiac-the 3rd in astrology.

Ruling Planet for Gemini-Mercury- Planet ruling the nerves and the brain and neural axis managing how the body is connected to the mind. Messages are transmitted electronically via the nervous system and hormonal system. Symbolism of logic and conscious reasoning. Controls the Thyroid.

Gemini’s Biochemical Cell Salt- Potassium Chloride-important for most cells and helps retain the form of the Cells.

Your Sun represents foods easily digestible and the opposite sign represents food that are difficult to be metabolized

Cell Salts for Gemini- Kali, Sulph, Ferrum, Phos


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