(of a plant) having or developing buds.

(as of the body) becoming larger as part of he process of normal growth

The term budding, as it pertains to dreadlocks or locs, describes a stage in the maturing process.

Budding as we can see in all of the definitions that it is becoming. Budding is the gathering together of things for a common purpose. Budding occurs when the hair inside of the starter loc/baby loc have began to com


3 Month Loc Budding

bine, as in knotting or clumping together. You will feel the initial budding at the loc-start site where the new growth or hair that has grown out in the past few weeks and the last maintenance during the loc-start. Budding begins in the first 3-6 weeks and from the first into the second stage this is what your locs are doing. They are forming concentration points of hair to oversee the transmission of a new stronger signal.

with budding begins your transition in to loc stage 2 and as the budding spreads from not just one place in your loc but in multiple places throughout your loc understand that this is a miracle of life. Its almost like the way the spider makes his web and how absolutely strong it becomes. The best part about it is that our hair is amazing and one of the capabilities of hair is to send and receive signals…Ponder on that. Yes when we are afraid our hair can stand up on end. They sense the energy of things before they arrive physically and budding, well that is the magic happening. The nervous system of your loc forming just as your nervous system formed in the womb to ensure that we have access to and can communicate with the entire being. We are powerful creatures beyond measure and when your locs begin to bud so is your foundation being laid for your spiritual connection to the ether, to source.

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