What are locs?
Locs are the combined hair strands sections of hair follicles over an area of skin.

How are locs antenna?
Because locs are hair the functions of the hair as sensors that relay information from the outside to the inside of the body, locs are also a sensor and amplified as a sensor during the locking process. This is essentially why people would call a loc an antenna.

How does longer hair make you stronger?
Hair is also a storage for the body’s minerals which would in turn mean that the longer your hair, the more capacity you have to store and give your body access to strength, even information. Your hair being combined and in the protection of the loc that it further amplifies this function of the hair as well. This would in turn mean more strength.

Your locs pick up on the environment before you yourself are aware of it and relays information back to the inside of you which is why you can know before you even know that you know.


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