saw palmetto hair loss prevention

Sal Palmetto (Serenoa repensSerenoa serrulataSabal serrulata)

Discover Sal Palmetto’s role in the prevention of hair loss and damage in locs. Sal palmetto prevents testosterone from being converted into DHT which is responsible for (androgen alopecia) in men and in women.


use to decrease symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Sal Palmetto is used to treat male-pattern baldness (androgenic alopecia), sexual dysfunctions, and other conditions.

How Does It Work?

Saw Palmetto does not shrink the overall prostate but it does seem to shrink the inner lining of the prostate that puts pressure on the tubes that carry the urine. Saw Palmetto also prevents testosterone from being converted into DHT, a more potent form of the testosterone. It is thought that some types of hair loss are caused by increased sensitivity of hair follicles to DHT. Reduced levels of DHT may help prevent these types of hair loss.



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