Loc Case Studies is my personal research work that I have created to find the answers to all of your loc questions. My name is Nikki Brianne and I started creating Loc Case Studies from 2017 just by capturing footage from the Lochemy Sessions I have completed. 


Locs are a tribe of receptors that fuse with one another to amplify their signal into the ether. Just as a single strand can protect you and be reservoir for energy, locs bind themselves to become an amplified version of the one strand. 


Lochemy is the way that I complete Lochemy Sessions for clients. Lochemy is the alchemy of bringing together the elements to replenish and restock follicle so that locs look and feel at their highest potential. Lochemy breaks down buildup both physically and energetically.


I AM LOCS created a philosophy called Lochemy. Lochemy is the way that I complete Lochemy Sessions for clients. It is important to note the four stages determine the needs of the style and the loc care routine. For more loc stage information check out this article, 


Loc Case studies are a compilation of loc appointments that document the process of multiple loc journeys. Loc Case studies was created to answer loc questions with a holistic approach. Understanding that what you eat and the toxins that you encounter all leave a footprint in your system for as long as you create a space for them to be. 

Lochemy Mastery University | I AM LOCS INC

Lessons We Learn From Locs

As one strand we are fragile, but together we are indestructible . All you have to do is look at your locs and you will know the strength of many. ~Nikki Brianne

Loc Case Studies

Studies are characterized by Loc Stage and outline different goal plans set for issues that clients have with their locs


Industrial Project Manager

Loc Stage: 5

Jenee has stage 4 locs and goes for longer periods in between maintenance. Check out the plan that we developed to address some hair thinning from the root of the loc and just what that means. 



Loc Stage: 4

Domo has a unique set of locs in that she began them with the freeform method. They are great subwoofers for amplifying or intention signals as her locs are thicker than average. This signifies great power.



Loc Stage: 5

Ashley is loc case study 3 and she brought the loc extension experience into the loc case studies. In her case study we explore topics pertaining to mastering self care and managing locs as they grow longer. 




Loc Stage: 4

Brittany is loc case study 4 explores yet another aspect of the loc extension experience. During her lochemy session I determined that she required a complete removal of her old extensions as they just could not blend with her natural locs as much as they could. Watch her transformation.

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