I remember sitting down to get my calculations together and thinking…this doesn’t really seem right. I ended up struggling with the concept of a job. I questioned everything because a job is not just the time that you spend there it’s also the time that you spend in traffic as well. That’s not all, it’s also the time you take to prepare your food so that you can take your lunch and ending up still heading to a casual dining restaurant to get some lunch there. Everything about a job costed me money that I could not afford to spend at that time.

I quickly discovered the potential of entrepreneurship and decided I should work for my self. I am a Natural Hair Stylist and I specialize in loc care, loc repair, and Extension. There were so many things that I had to learn about this business that it was very difficult for me to feel like knew enough to be successful doing it. As we all know the skill is only part of the battle. In order to be successful in business you really have to know …

Even after I put 10+ years into my craft still I knew that somehow when you finally feel like you’re a float and stable, life happens. Sometimes life can happen in a big way or in a small way but it definitely happens. That’s when most people end up missing and opportunity or losing something and everything fall apart. I always knew that eventually me trading time for money would level out and I would be forced to either stay where I was in business or figure out what the next step.

Residual income is always the next step from there and now with digital products being created many people have discovered an immeasurable amount of success with just one way to create a residual income. Unlimited income streams sound amazing until you figure out what it takes to build the foundation of that financial system. Building that financial system is lots and lots of work and it’s the people who are willing to put in that work that will get the results.

If all this seems a bit overwlehming, trust I definitely had that exact feeling looking at what I need to do to move forward. One consideration that I have now that I did not have then is a huge concern of mine and basically what I want to talk about now. People, as did I get life confused and miss the entire point. We fill our days with this concern and that concern we make decisions without even thinking about what this means for the future of us and who we are or what we look like. For instance, people will be concerned about their looks and want very much to preserve their youth and in the same lifetime not consider the effect that diet, drugs or alcohol will have on their youth and appearance. I understand living while you’re young but humans pay for the mistakes of their youth with the aging process and disease. We definitely have to hold ourselves accountable for the decisions that we make in the know and that one day that mirror is going to confront us about what we decided to do and at that time you can provide an excuse but it will never matter.

Thinking in that way and watching others use that logic was more pressing than my income decisions that needed to be made. I had to detox my mind. Detoxing your mind is about being able to breathe mentally so that you can make better decisions in all areas of your life. Success is the goal in what ever we do but confidence is the way to get there. You have to be sure that there is success in the direction that you travel. You must travel that path with certainty and a forward movement. That was the link for me. That’s when I realized our problem is that we found it difficult to have confidence which was a huge contributing factor to the lack of success and in order to acheieve that we need to understand that one reason we may lack confidence is our pattern of thought. The most important way to begin to correct that thinking is to detoxification. Detoxifying will bring clarity but most important what is sparks is the memory of self love that we lose when we are taught to look for what is wrong.

There are a few ways that we can get a handle on beginning the detoxification process and the very first way I always say is to increase your water intake. The next way is to create and intake on every decision that you’re making and hold yourself accountable. Your future self will be grateful and let’s be honest we may live in the past but that’s still not where we are headed. More water in conjunction with fasting and meditation are a great start to detoxifying your mind body and spirit. For some reason people think they are separate. Some people actually think that problems in your life have nothing to do with your diet or that unhealthy relationships wi can be healed by carrying your toxins to the next relationship.

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