Popular Loc Search Questions and Answer

  • What is a loc?

A loc is a group of hair follicles that have matted together to form a solid rope-like structure. Inside of this structure the hair is protected against the elements and free radical damage and are strengthened. 

  • How many locs make up a set? 

Everyone’s hair density and texture is different and, therefore this number will vary from person to person but on average a set of locs are between 75-85 locs. 

  • What is a faux loc? 

A faux loc is a loc that has been created from synthetic hair strands using a wrapping method after being added to the natural hair

  • Why are my locs dull?

There could be a few reasons why your locs are dull. Dull locs normally indicate a lack of moisture. You must check your water intake and/or increase your water intake. There could also be an issue with stress, chemical processing (permanent color, bleach lifting). There could be a lack of rest. There could be a mineral deficiency or an excessive amount of toxins in your diet.

  • What is the difference between a dreadlock and a loc?

The dreadlock is a term that has been used interchangeably with the word loc and the difference is one is not manicured and the other is manicured. Dreadlocks have been traced back many years as a practice of people to create a connection to the creator by forming antenna and during this process they were to abandon all vanities and yes that included the maintenance of their hair. When left alone the dreadlock would begin to form and this method of obtaining locs are referred to as freeform. It is said that beginning this process starts an agreement between the wearer and the deity and is said to be quite spiritual. There are some dreadlock wearers that will not even allow others to look at their hair as they protect their blessing of sight and wisdom. 

Locs are manicured and while it is a very similar process the locs are normally smaller and are Maintenanced from a few times a year  to as often as every 4 weeks.

  • Can I got locs if my hair is thinning?

You are able to grow locs if your hair is thinning one does not determine the other. Hair that is thinning has to do with a deficiency or possible use of medicines. Another reason your hair May be thinning is that your body is over run with toxins and a change in diet in order to reduce the intake of toxins could improve the situation once everything has been ruled out. Loc wearers start locs for many reasons and original the dreadlock was not maintenanced because the reason was a spiritual one so more important than the original question a person needs to determine why you want to start locs. Thinning hair may require more time between maintenance if any maintenance at all. Do not apply stress to the hair if you have thinning hair and massage your scalp as this stimulates growth and you could have and maintain a healthy set of locs once the reason for thinning is determined and/or corrected

  • How long does it take for locs to form?           There are different factors and texture and density plays a huge role in the locking process. On average 4-6 months it will take for your locs to begin to bud. See also the locking process.


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