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I wanted to start this blog by saying that success comes to those who complete their mission or task. Universally the human race has an issue with procrastination and the sad thing about it is that we all know that we should do better and be better.

So what is it that makes us procrastinate?

Our lack of discipline could be attributed to procrastination. There could also be a lack of knowledge that carries the reason why tasks should be performed. There could also be a lack of energy that stops us from making the movements that are necessary to complete important tasks necessary for our survival. There could be a lack of ambition or a lack of self-esteem many experience that gives the self-destructive dialog that we feed into that stops us from trying to succeed. Some may sink in to failure so miserably that they reason to themselves it is pointless to make an attempt to improve. Those are the reasons that take over when we allow ourselves to procrastinate.

It’s the lack that allows us to procrastinate however, this same lack should be inspiring movement. Lack of healthy food options and lack of fair treatment should be among the first things that inspire us to movement. The lack having the things that you need and being the author of that lacking tale is what we feed to do our children that perpetuates this attitude, what is the point of trying. To that I say what is the point of dying from a weak and insufficiently led existence. Life is about the effort you put forth. You can have what you create.

Taking no action is the only way that you can ensure that your failure and procrastination is the way that you show your self that you are not worth the effort. No matter what the next mission or goal or need is, you must move on the things that you can move on as soon as things can be done.

The problem is we have created a habit and we all know how difficult habits are to break but you have to look toward where you want to be and see yourself there. Take this list into consideration when you are trying to break that nasty habit of procrastination.


  1. Prioritize what is time sensitive, what is most important, and what can be done most efficiently
  2. Make a list of things that should be done the next day before you go to bed.
  3. Set alarms. Not just for waking up but to signify you of check points to ensure that you stay on task with completing the list.
  4. Multi task. People say they don’t have time but before your scroll on your social media complete a task. Get something done while you are doing something else. (Dips while watching a show or squats in the shower.) There is no limit when you’re compounding tasks.
  5. DO IT NOW! Whatever you decided needed to be done if you can not do it now do the small things that surround it that will make it possible for you to do it. (ex. repair my credit..that doesn’t happen fast but you could get a credit karma account to begin monitoring. correct any incorrect information with just a photo call or a dispute submission. All still a part of the same. Goal.


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