This Morning’s Affirmation was to Drink water, do research, and find new ways to love yourself
I Don’t know who needed to hear this but stop entertaining who you are right now and start storing up […]
The 14 Universal Laws the Govern the Universe (An excerpt from Milanovich and McCunes book “The Light Shall Set You […]
5 day Water Fast Results Back in May I asked people to join me in a 6 day water fast. […]
I Am Locs, I can’t believe it’s not locs loc extension appointmet the possibilities of natural hair styles and locstyles […]
I am Locs Loc Styles from Comb Twists to Loc Extensions
I Am Locs Locstyles What makes an awesome locstyle? The locstyle becomes awesome when it compliments you! Every style is […]
Reducing Stress in Your Life 101 Course
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