Distilled water (gradually move towards one gallon per day)

Basically I have been taking diatomaceous earth for 3 days now. I do it on an empty stomach many people like to stop eating at a certain time and then do it right before they go to bed.

It can be used to kill parasites in the body.

The first week I increased my water intake, reduced sugar intake and on an empty stomach took a tsp of diatomaceous earth in water (it has no taste)!

Next week I plan on starting the Candida Diet…

Next week we can talk about what Candida is or you can research for yourself.

Next week I will drink water and a detox mixture optional (vegetable broth) the point is liquid diet and the goal will be for 6 days!!

There are some suggested ingredients to this detox formula

Activated charcoal
Food grade bentonite clay
Black walnut
(Not necessarily together research benefits and combos to see which ones would work best for you)

As the week goes on practice deep breathing exercises

If i were to celebrate a birthday I think this should definitely be the way to express gratitude and appreciation for life!!

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