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Always Show Gratitude

Nikki Brianne Owner and Operator of I Am Locs Inc., Author, Motivational Speaker, Screenplay Writer, Artist, Photographer, and Serial Entrepreneur

Hi, I'm Nikki Brianne and I Am Locs Inc. is a company that was created to provide premium loc styling and repair services and became so much more...

In the 11 years of working in the beauty industry we have developed a mindset that embodies the true concept of manifestation and producing consistent results. It's the results that matter!!

I Am Locs Inc. has initiated a new training program that assists serious entrepreneurs to produce the same results. Even though it all began with the locs training services as well as business consulting will be available for many different business types. This training program will assist in every step of the way teaching you how to handle every part of your business from customer service to site building to business plan diagrams.

I Am Locs Inc. has also crossed into the world of stock photography as well as B Roll footage as well as painting and prints. You can browse those beautiful images and even choose as many as you would like and have them printed at any print shop to enjoy in the comfort of your home or business or...maybe even your digital content on your very own website. The possibilities are endless.

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