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Stages of Loc Development

Locs: Stage 1 Locs-Start or Starter Locs

Stage 1 Starter Locs I Am Locs

Loving oneself isn’t hard, when you understand who and what “yourself” is. It has nothing to do with the shape of you face, the size of your eyes, the length of your hair or the quality of your clothes. It’s so beyond all of those things and it’s what give life to everything about you. Your own self is such a treasure.

Phylicia Rashad

Loc Stage 1 is the actual locstart. This gallery shows some happy clients on the first day of their loc journey. Everyone has different goals when it comes to starting locs. Some people care about the size of the locs that want to have once the process is complete. The other part that is most important to people during their loc Start is the parting pattern. The size of the locs you end up with will only be determined once your particular set of locs are mature. Your stylist can work with you to find a parting size to assist in getting you close to your desired results but the thickness of your locs also comes from the density of your actual hair. People with more hair have thicker locs and people with fine hair have smaller or less density in their locs. Thickness and density is not something that your stylist creates for you.

Common LocStart Questions

1. How long does it take to start locs?

Your locstart can be anywhere from 4-6 hours depending on your hair. Somethings that extend locstart appointments are the condition of your hair. Is it easily to manage? Is it dry or damaged? All of these things matter during your locstart.

2. What do I need to bring to my locstart appointment?

Bring your questions and any products that you prefer to use. Also, bring reference photos.

3. Why start your locs?

Your loc Start is a personal journey. The patience that you develop is a part of a divine plan it’s a spiritual awakening the you go through and regardless of your original purpose you will experience some form of that spiritual connection.

Loc Stage: 1 Loc Start I Am locs LocsTyle for starter locs Medium length locs

I Am Locs-Case Study Volume 1 Retwist and Style

Breakage at New Growth

Loc Maintenance and Style:

Loc Stage: 5 Beyond Mature
Locs Age: 8 years old
Loc Service: Loc Maintenance and Style
How long have you had your locs?

Since 2011

2. What is your favorite part about having locs?

My favorite is i can have more variety in how i want them to be and look because it has length.

3. What is your biggest issue with your locs?

My biggest issue is not keeping this moisturized enough and forgetting to put a bonnet over them.

4. How long has it been since your last maintenance?

It’s been 2 months since last maintenance

This appointment was special because it had been a while since the last time I Maintenanced this set of locs. There was an issue with breakage. I noticed the breakage during the loc maintenance/retwist. The new growth from the breakage was about a quarter of an inch long and this means that the hair that sustained the damage are a result of regenerating cell turnover system. For this reason a person experiencing this condition can feel confident that their roots are getting thicker and it is just a matter of time before that new growth is long enough to go into the loc it is assigned.


The maintenance or retwist will have a less crisp and clean look. Before the hair is long enough (new growth) to go into the loc the finished look of the style will appear slightly fuzzy at the root all over the head or the area.

6 Week update available!

There was growth! That’s right growth. Remember Case Study 1? Hair breaking at the root or near the root calls your attention to your diet and stress. Namely if the breakage in large or varies areas of the scalp.

It’s beautiful when you see hair growth and development Loc Case study 1.1 Update Hair Growth
So what was happening when you started seeing results?

Taking in more water (considerably) and this I noticed before the maintenance began that the hair was shiny. There was also a regimen of Biotin for the past 6 weeks and the difference is phenomenal. There was growth all over. 6 weeks ago there was breakage at the root and those broken hairs were not long enough to make it into the loc. This time that was no longer the case. After 6 weeks of biotin and increasing water intake the hairs at the root are now safely tucking in to their loc-base!

2. What is this locstyle called?

This is one of my favorites I like two half’s and the back that is a basket weaving pattern in barrels put up into a basket-bun. LOC BASKET BUN!

I Am Locs Case Study 2

I Am Locs Case Study 2 | Stage 3 Loc Retwist and Style| showing locs budding and locstyle for short locs

Loc Stage: 3 Teenage Stage

Loc Age: 6 Months

Normally around this time you will experience some budding and Dom has been discovering just that. We wanted to focus on the taming of her Stage 2 teenage locs. During this stage the locs are frizzy and what you might fall bushy.

How do you tame fuzzy or bushy locs?

During your shampoo make sure that you are using something that will calm something negatively charged or organic to the human body. I find that almond oil and mint are great additions to your cleansing treatment that could really assist in training those busy frizzy hairs to relax.

What temperature is good to rinse your locs to reduce frizz?

Think about temperature. Warm water for example; expands, while cool water contracts. Adding heat and ice to an injury can give you the same results depending on what you are looking for. Warm water in the beginning is necessary to open the pores of the skin on your scalp but also the cuticles in your hair shaft. This allows your hair and skin to absorb water and oils. Afterwards, rinse with cool water to constrict or close the pores and to calm and relax the hair. The action is now complete and the hair is closed until the next application of water and oils and frizz is reduced considerably.

The last thing I do to manage the frizz in locs is my palm roll with the intention of loc development and the maturing of that loc. The loose hair that surrounds the loc I mold into the loc by way of wrapping in a downward pattern.

In some cases clients may want to physically alter their loc progression by maturing the loc using a crochet hook.

1 Month update available

Locstage: 3 Locage: 7 Months Halo Locstyle for Short locs

Here we are on to the 7th month of locs.

What method of locstart was used to start these locs?

Two-Strand Twists was how these Locs were started

What is the significance of the method of locstart? Is there a difference?

Yes, and no…many people choose the method that is most convenient for them. If a person’s hair is not long enough at the locstart, then that would determine that the locstart method would most likely be a comb twist or comb coil. Two strand twists is a great option for a person that starts their own Locs.

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 3| It’s been 4 Months Since Her Last Maintenance

And 7 Months since she started her locs w/loc extensions.

From 4 Months No Maintenance to a Beautiful loc Bun-WaTcH!
Loc Stage: 3 Teen Stage | Loc Age: 7 Months

She waited 4 months to see me and I am so proud of her. Did I ask her to stay away? No, but she moved away and she wasn’t sure what to do with her hair because she just got these loc extensions and now here it is 7 months later and she didn’t want to bother with the struggle of finding anyone because it’s like starting over again. I understand exactly how she feels. So the day is here and we get to take a look at what can happen to your locs in 4 months of no maintenance and no loc isolation.

What are some issues that you had during your time in between maintenance?

Hair was dry. I purchased some natural oil products to moisturize my hair and that seemed to be somewhat helpful and I enjoyed the smell of lemongrass.

Did you find that your loc extensions were intact after this time of no maintenance?

There were a few loc extensions that came out 3 to be exact.

What are some reasons why your loc extensions would not stay in tact?

Ultimately it depends on the degree of maturity that that loc was installed. What do I mean by that? I mean this: if you get a set of loc extensions at a locstart your loc extensions are human hair and should have a very level of maturity to them but your loc maturity and the loc maturity stage of your loc Extension should match! There should not be a brand new starter loc and a stage 5 loc with the expectation to blend. So as a stylist that is something you need to determine when you crochet the loc to a certain stage of maturity. The fact that the Afro kinky bundle of hair to that you use to make loc extensions allows you to see that it too over time will develop as a loc when binding with your hair.

What is the significance of allowing the loc extensions to mature with natural hair?

It’s going to give you more of a natural and desired look. This technique if installed correctly will allow for minimal loc Extension loss as well as creating a natural appearance to your loc extensions so much that…if you ever wanted to remove them we would need to look very close to even find the seams.

Want to see Ashley get her loc extensions installed? 7 Months ago we started her locs WaTcH!

I Am Locs Permanent Loc Extension Install on Straightened Hair | Locstage: 1 Loc Start | Loc Age: 1st Day Loc Extensions

I Am Locs Case Study 4 Repairing Loc Extensions

Loc Stage: 3 Teen Stage

Loc age: 1 year

special circumstance- Locs extended for 1 year (from loc start)

Now you can see how this Case Study has developed since the loc start and the initial loc extension installation. This client had booked with two other stylist and was now searching for someone to repair the look of the loc extensions. Her locs were damaged. The person that installed her loc extensions Initially did not do them correctly. Of course she went to find someone to repair those locs after she was unsatisfied.

*Please check your stylist work. Make sure that the reference photos are actually their work and ask questions to ensure you both have the same goals. Also, be sure to understand what your advantages and disadvantages are. I loved this experience and I am grateful for it because it showed me many things. I think that the patience that it takes to correct something that has been done incorrectly or to do the work with a different type of efficiency, is serene and Devine and you master life when you master that!

Loc Stage: 3 Teen Stage Loc Age: 1 Year Special Conditions: Loc Extensions repair and reinstallation

Loc Extension Repair Work Before

I Am Locs Loc Extension Repair! Loc Stage 3 Teen Loc Age: 1 Year
Loc Case Study 4.1 Updo for Short Locs

This next visit happens 4 weeks later and it is a great one. The style that she picked was so becoming. As a working professional you want to always make sure that your locs are complimenting you. One loc extension needed to be reinstalled and this is normal depending on the client handling of their new loc extensions because just like any other hair your loc extensions will go through the locking process and it just takes time.

Everyone keeps asking what I did to her hair and the answer is a simple one I had to edit someone’s work. I had to undo what was done and then redo it and if you are a stylist then you know how difficult it can be to have to deal with the work of another stylist.

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 5

Loc Maintenance for Men with Medium Length Locs with Ropetwist.

Ready to Have Your Very Own I Am Locs T Shirt?

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 6

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 7

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 8| Addressing Color Damage and Loc Style

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 9|Ropetwists and Style

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 10

I Am Locs Loc Case Study 11

Locstage: Stage 5 Beyond Mature
Loc Age: 12 Years

It had been 2 years since her last maintenance and there was everything to do. We did a loc detox first and foremost.

I Am Locs Case Study 12 | Extending Locs w/ Loc Extensions

Loc Stage: 3
Loc Age: 1 Year
Extending Locs With Loc Extensions

I Am Locs Loc case Study 13 – Growing Shaved Sides Back from Mohawk and Ropetwists

Loc Stage: 5 Beyond Mature
Growing hair Back after shaving..LocStyle

This loc journey has been a very long one and most of the time Stage 5 loc developments are long. This Case is significant because the client is ready to grow her hair back after wearing her locs in the Mohawk look for years now. Of course, you can expect some that your hair will not stay neat while letting it grow out but there are somethings you can do to encourage your hair to grow and keep the look neat.

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