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Physically, dreadlocks, locs, and dreads are sections of matted hair made of knotted buds. Because locs are made of hair the functions of hair are amplified within the structure of dreadlocks, locs, and dreads

What is hair? 

Hair is made of a protein called keratin. Keratin is the key structural material making-up scales, hair, nails, feathers, and horns.  Hair is a part of the integumentary system. The integumentary system is made of hair, skin, and nails. Dead skin cells are stored in the center of the hair shaft. The creation of new cells that replace the old cells is a process called cell turnover and this process determines how fast your hair grows. 

Aside from the dead skin cells, hair has a sheath (which is the protective layer around the hair that grows from the dermis). Each hair follicle has a hair sheath that surrounds it like a sleeve. This connective tissue is called the epithelium, a thin protective layer of cells. This layer is highly cellular but with limited extracellular material present between cells which create a specialized connection between the cell membranes called a cell junction. The purpose of this tissue is communication and element storage of the body.    

Functions of Hair


How does hair protect? Your hair stops dirt and debris from settling on your skin. Your hair stops harmful bacteria from entering the body which is the reason it guards all of the body’s openings. Now that we understand that a function of hair is to protect, we can assume that the places of the body that hold a concentration of hair are most sacred and precious. Your head has more hair follicles than anywhere else on the body. 


Hair keeps the body warm. Understanding that most body heat is contained in the head this would be telling of the fact that most of the body’s activity occurs here. The hair is tasked with the function of regulating body temperature and providing insulation. This is a very interesting concept as it reveals the hair to be the vessel that holds or contains the elements. Your hair provides storage to the body. This ability does not just apply to body temperature regulation as the hair can hold more than just heat. A deeper thought would reveal that the hair houses many things including energy. This is the reason I call the hair an insulator complimenting the perfection of the body’s conductivity of energy. 

Sensory Capabilities

Each hair has a nerve fiber going to the bulb of the hair follicle which is anchored within the body. Now the epithelium layer begins to be realized as we see the hair as a sensor has direct and constant contact, and in fact, is considered an extension of the nervous system. The epithelium layer is recognized as being polarized which indicates the presence of energy as well as the transmission of that energy. 

Without considering this information you know that your hair stands on end with you feel afraid or when your hair has perceived danger. We have senses and feelings and before we can vocalize we act on the feeling of what we perceive. This is the perfection of creation when you consider the capabilities of hair. Because hair can transmit and receive information this is what coins hair as a transmitter or antenna

A report from WW2 stated that Native American soldiers with long hair that were recruited to fight in the wore were described by other soldiers as having almost supernatural tracking abilities. However, after the military haircut, those soldiers lost their ability to sense the enemies. 

Government test institutes compared the behavior and found that long-haired subjects outperformed those whose hair had been cut into the military fashion. The suggested theory was the long hair behaved like an extension of the nervous system. The follicle base of the system is actually an organ that produces hair and the hair is connected to tactile receptors in the skin. Meaning that hair takes information from the outside and relays it to the inside as well as taking information from the inside and bring it outside. 

Cutting Hair Weakens a Person

Many cultures cut hair as a punishment (prison house). They also cut hair for the humiliation which signifies defeat. It also signifies that this is not a new concept. The military knows the other cultures know. Wars result in the capture and enslavement of the losing tribe would result in cutting the hair or removing the sensors of the enemy. The reason for this goes back further than people in power are willing to admit. 

Understanding What Locs Are

Understanding the functions of hair is the basis for understanding locs and you can not know what your dreadlocks, locs, or dreads are until you understand the basic functions of hair. If your hair is a protecting antenna that endows you with supernatural capabilities then you must know that your locs are an amplified version of a single hair strand. Your dreadlocks, locs, and dreads are an accumulation of hair, therefore, and accumulation of the functions and capabilities that your hair has.  

I had locs for seven years and after irreversible damage done to my locs with bleaches and coloring, I decided to cut them. It wasn’t just so simple because my own personal experience filled me with great regret that I can release the protection of melanin from my precious antenna. For months after cutting my locs my vision was blurred and I considered the fact that I may need glasses.  Soon I was able to make the connection that my locs were sensory organ that I had been relying on once my locs matured. 

What Does the Bible Say About Locs (Vow of Nazirite)

Nazir is a Hebrew word meaning one who consecrates or separates themselves from the world. To consecrate yourself to God is to make yourself holy in the eyes of and the book of Numbers Chapter 6 explains with Yahuah sending a message to the children of Israel through Moses saying. 

  • Man or woman shall separate themselves unto Yahuah
  • Abstain from wine and strong drink (no vinegar no wine of anything of grapes or the vine moist of dry grapes)
  • All the days of his vow he shall not eat corn or husk
  • No razor shall come upon his head 
  • He shall be holy and let the locs of his hair of his head grow
  • He shall not come at no dead body
  • He shall not become unclean for his Father, Mother, Brother, or Sister when they die. Because the consecration of Elohiym is upon his head.
  • All the days of his separation he is holy to unto Yahuah.
  • If a man dies suddenly because of him, then he has defiled his consecration and shall cleanse for 6 days and on the 7th day, he shall shave it. On the 8th day, he shall offer up two turtle doves and two pigeons to the priest, to the door of the tabernacle and the priest shall make an offering for him; one for sin and the other for ascending smoke and make atonement for him for he sinned by the dead. Then shall he Hallow his head (sanctify and make holy) the same day. He shall consecrate himself unto Yahuah the days of his separation and shall bring a lamb less than a year old for offering but the days of before shall be lost because his separation was defiled. 

From this scripture, we can clearly see that Yahuah is speaking to his people, the children of Israel, through Moses and welcoming them to consecrate themselves to him. So you can see from the Vow of Nazarite that a Nazarite wore locs in the hair of their head and that this is something that is considered holy to Yahuah. Now we finally get a glimpse of the significance of locs from God’s perspective.  

According to Numbers 6:7 Locs are viewed as a consecration of Elohiym upon the head. 
Consecrate Meaning

Taking a closer look at the word consecrate we can see from the dictionary the definition is clear meaning to; to induct a person into permanent office with the religious rite. The next definition of consecrate is; to declare sacred (irrevocably worship Yahuah by a solemn ceremony. 



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