This Morning’s Affirmation was to Drink water, do research, and find new ways to love yourself
Turn Your Anger into Your Superpower in 2019Understanding Anger and Harnessing its Power to Benefit Your Life It is difficult […]
I had to do this rant because after finding out that I lost one of my best friends I realized […]
Good afternoon, I’m in and out of sleep but I definitely wanted to update everyone on what has been going […]
The fast started technically Sunday night. However, my first full day was yesterday. What I will start with is the […]
A detox will allow you the opportunity to rest your digestive system and the use of all the energy that […]
Distilled water (gradually move towards one gallon per day)  Basically I have been taking diatomaceous earth for 3 days […] girls having hard sex with and teen ride black cum xxx sneaking.