The fast started technically Sunday night. However, my first full day was yesterday. What I will start with is the kind of fast that I decided to try. So I have decided to do a water fast for 6 days! The goal that I wish to accomplish is 6 days of healing, healping, and the release of toxins and bad bacteria from my system. After two days of no food your digestive system shuts down and you are able to just energy to further benefit your body in the way of regeneration! Now I know this may be difficult for some people because of their work schedule but actually when you consider the cost that your body pays for carrying or hosting bad bacteria or parasites I think it’s worth it to the ale the time to do it. Plus if you carry food residue it could back up in your colon but that only means by choosing to consume food that leaves a residue you have also agreed to the residence of the parasites like they wouldn’t be there if you different give them something to do.

I am excited about it because you can say that you want to do something but the strength that you instill while practicing what you believe is incredible actually. If you keep your eyes on the prize that is to say think of the reason why it should be prioritized so that you live where you want and become what you are trying to be so that you do not look at what you are losing you will be too excited about what you are gaining and I want a deeper ether connection.

I almost finished my gallon which I am excited about but I’m not forcing it. My fast is about finding that current in the ether and going with the flow. I believe it’s the best way to achieve success in whatever you do and detoxing is a necessary step in the start! No food or broth so far but I will work on the rest of my water and the next and maybe add some lemon juice to the water or perhaps prepare some tea I will be sure to keep you guys updated on the experience.

Right now I am experiencing hungry pains as I approaching 40 hours (it’s Noon currently) of no food. It is getting to be increasingly difficult so I try and remind myself to drink the water when I have the hungry pains. I also rub my core in a soft clockwise motion and practice breathing deeply in an attempt to oxygenating body.

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