Good afternoon, I’m in and out of sleep but I definitely wanted to update everyone on what has been going on during my water fast. 

I just made it to me 65th hour of the fast and I am mostly sleeping. Water of course I did last night peel a lemon and had a taste of lemon juice. Now it’s great for cleaning out your body but very acidic to your teeth so just make sure if you ever try lemon juice that you add it in water and brush your teeth after so that you don’t let the lemon juice sit on your teeth for too long. It seemed to do the trick though. 

For the entire day yesterday I really did not get out of bed. I was in and out of the bathroom but that was it. I felt limp. I felt fatigued and I was a bit of a drag, nothing like that first day. During the time that I had discomfort, which was random moments. I would drink water, rub my tummy, and practice breathing deeply. I just wanted the movement inside to have a safe and easy passage. I wanted to have the intent of release because there is nothing I desire to hold onto, especially the things that are not supposed to be inside of me. 

This morning I woke the same way sluggish and I was thinking I read about this. Basically, the stages of faster my are:

  1. 48 hours and less your body is transitioning in to fast mode. I prepared myself for this transition by fasting in the mornings later and later for 7 days or 168 hours. During this time gluconeogenesis (defined by Merriam Webster; once glycogen levels are depleted, gluconeogenesis kicks in and the liver makes glucose from amino acids. Glycerol then takes the place of the amino acids to prevent breaking down the muscles. 
  2. The end of day 2 or 48 hours it lasts from 48-168 hours of the fast. This is the stage that I have made it to. (Congratulations to you if you have made it to this stage I know what it takes to get here and I am so proud of you. Yes to the will power and the discipline.) During this stage ketosis begins and let’s define ketosis before we move on… Ketosis is defined as a process where your body uses stored fat for energy, due to the lack of carbohydrates. Which, makes sense if you think about the results people get from no carb diets because they do get drastic weight loss results but it’s because they have put their bodies into the ketosis process and it is now unlocking and using that stored fat for energy. One thing to consider is the fact that your body also stores toxins and metals in that fat so unlocking and releasing there will still have a fatigue and possibly nauseating feeling for the faster. I know now why I felt that way and I guess until hours 168 will have affects of that. For some if weight loss is the goal this is the stage that this happens in, for me I’m interested in the healing so I must continue.

So initially, my fast was supposed to be a 6 day or 144 hour fast but during research of the stages I found out that stage 3 is what I was most interested.

  1. Occurring between the hours of 192 and 360 during the fast and that is day 15. Your mood improves and you will have mental clarity. During this stage your body is considered to be in healing mode! Doesn’t that sound beautiful? You will experience the intense health benefits of reducing your levels of toxins by not consuming them. As a result your body is finally out of attack mode or protection mode because of the inorganic materials and toxins you had previously been consuming daily. Can you imagine how long your body had been in that mode…not even able to heal! It’s amazing to think about giving yourself a beautiful thing like a break from pain that you are causing and the opportunity to heal and repair things inside that have really needed the extra attention at this time. Please research more to learn all the great health benefits that happens during this stage.
  2. 360-Beyond this stage is beyond day 16 and you are absolutely amazing if you make it here. What a great thing you have done for your body, for your health; mentally and physically! This is the stage that mental balance starts to step in!! Making it to this stage may require supervision or the advice of a physician, however I’m listening to my body and drinking water and even though I am not through healing mode at this point in my fast this is the new goal of my fast. 

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