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Have you ever had the feeling that you would achieve your goals if you had this thing or that? Of course, we all have. Did you realize this feeling is one of the reasons why you have yet to achieve that goal? Another way to describe the act of achieving a goal is manifestation.

What is manifestation? Well it’s from the Latin word: Manifestare meaning to make public. defines manifest as; readily perceived by the eye or the understanding; evident; obvious; apparent; plain! Now take into consideration what you can see or even understand and those things are and have been manifested. Another way I like to explain it is; the thought of something, anything is the creation of it, the manifestation of that creation is the transportation of it into the physical world.

We have many thoughts everyday. Buffington posts says: between 50,000 and 70,000 a day. That is 35-48 thoughts per minute. These thoughts are all creations or possibilities for your reality and therefore, are important to monitor and safeguard as they are the first step to manifestation. So many different possibilities for your life there is no wonder why many people are torn or confused about what they want and what they are working towards.

Before we get in to the steps of manifestation let’s understand the rules or laws of manifestation. Most of you probably recognize this law as the Universal Law of Attraction, which suggests that you will encounter what you think about. In which case you can achieve the things you want by changing your thinking pattern to focus only on the things that you want. Even in doing that you have mastered an important part of the process. However, it’s not the only part of the process.

The problem most of us have with manifesting is thought monitoring. We have been programmed from the beginning by our parents or caregivers that have also been programmed to find…what is wrong! Think about it. The first test you remember taking, expressed the importance of the correct answer but it was apparent that he/she cared more about what was wrong. He/she marked your corrected answers with a check usually in black or blue ink which was acceptable for you to use as well so that it blended in the mind of a child. The incorrect answer, however was exaggerated with red in and a larger symbol known as an X

X in symbology has many meanings some with negative and positive connotations but this red x on the test was definitely to signify something that deserved our attention. It trained us to find what was wrong. We now know x to represent a bullseye, or the desired destination on a treasure map. We know x to mean poison or desired score in bowling or an undesired mark in baseball. It’s the unknown variable in algebra and the Roman numeral for 10. It also refers to generation x (the generation after the baby boomers preceding the millennials. It means secret society as well as indicative of the holiday xmas. It means Christ as it pertains to cross but in folklore was also said to be the ace where you sell your soul (at the crossroads) ! It’s even used to XXX signify pornographic material. Now all of that was a mouthful but the first encounter most likely with that red X on the test.

After this direction on impressionable minds it made sense that this is what we were supposed to do and that we were correct in seeking out what was incorrect and making it known (manifesting). So we used our training like soldiers as we still do today. As you can imagine it is difficult to delete this particular programming. Even in the structure of this post. I am explaining to you what is X about our thought process that stops you from manifesting the things that you want. We did it our work. We found what was wrong with our friends with our clothes, we found what was wrong in the mirror and that’s the sadness of it all! We did that so much that when we looked in the mirror all we saw was what was wrong. Now today we continue doing that to ourselves and especially others. I see so many social media posts that can not wait to tell you what’s wrong with celebrities like Kanye. Closely watching every move mimicking that teacher that was, red ink happy for what’s wrong with your first test. Funny thing about finding what’s wrong is we are water, and what I mean by that is everyone says that when we look out into the world we see a mirror and I say we look out into the water and we see a reflection sense all consciousness is made of mostly water how could you dispute that you are seeing a reflection of yourself. It’s what you have been taught to do!!

Needless to say, the practice of finding what is wrong is what needs to be removed from us. It is what plagues us. The fact that we feel we can take the faults of what we see and exalt ourselves with them is the issue we have with manifesting or goal achievement. When you understand the torus field of a human being

It will be easier to understand you can not give your thought or energy to anything else. You can only give it to yourself. The energy is in this magnetic field flowing out from you in a continuous flows that comes back in to you. It’s a constant recycling of your energy on a magnetic grid. Now how could you be negative or constantly find what’s wrong with anyone or anything other than yourself when all that is revealed to you is your own reflection in a constantly flowing magnetic field that comes from you and flows back into you?

I said all that to say it is absolutely pointless to find what is wrong. As it constantly takes your weakness or deficiencies and increases them. It is also without purpose that you focus on the wrong of others unless it is your goal to manifest that which is wrong. It is also impossible to separate yourself from what you see in others as it is merely a reflection of yourself. What you say about others literally gives you the definition of what you truly feel about yourself!

Removing this habit that takes up many of our 50,000-70,000 thoughts of that day would free up plenty of space inside of us to actually manifest the things that we want or to bring them forth into our current reality.

Once this step is done you couldn’t imagine how much easier having what you want becomes. When you focus on the things you do correctly or the attributes that you and others possess you are exercising this skill and reversing the programming that has brought so much turmoil to our lives. Ready for more? Let me know below!

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