I Don’t know who needed to hear this but stop entertaining who you are right now and start storing up treasures for who you want to become. Now this started out as a post on my Twitter feed and made me think wow now that deserves the be expounded upon so here goes.

Who you are right now is a result of your thoughts and actions from your past. Any blessings that you have received just far are a result of the beautiful blessings or energy that you have sent out in your past. That’s wonderful! The problem is with most people they have disappointments or goals they have yet to attain and as a result many daily operations can be difficult.

Stop Entertaining Who You Are and Prepare for who you Want to Be
You could be in a job that you do not enjoy or you may even say to yourself I wish I had more time. You could be saying to yourself I want to travel and maybe you can’t afford to go or maybe you behind on a bill. You may not be driving the car you want or wearing the clothing that you would like. You could even be sick with some minor or even a serious disease that you want to heal from but regardless of what you are right now understand that if you continue to do the same things that you have been doing…you will continue to be this person. You will manifest exactly what your thoughts and actions are directed towards and your current situations in life are a result of that.

Now before we get in to this subject any deeper I would like to say this: Take credit for your failures and unhealthy and uncomfortable situations the way you take credit for your success. That’s always the first step take responsibility for the failures so that you can have control over your success. NO EXCUSES!

If you have read my last few blog entries you would know I was over jobs pretty much as soon as I was old enough to work. Not because I didn’t want to work or I was lazy. It was merely because I saw that there was a huge difference between what I would be making (monetarily) and my expenses.

I decided that I should go to school but I had a family so the obvious choice for me would be to go to school online so that I would be able to be home with my family. Well when you start school you sign up you get your graduation date and man do those advisors know how to hype you up about school. I started class and my baby started to cry. His father was exhausted from working and I picked him up naturally and took a break from class work. It went on like that until every bit of my motivation was gone to do school work. When the effort was requested I chose the easy route and neglected the school work. Now don’t get me wrong school wasn’t necessarily the answer it was actually a bill but I was the issue because I did not put forth the effort to keep working, because I did not find a way to balance school and my family. I blamed my partner for not picking the baby up when he cried instead of blaming myself.

That realization came some months later when I received a phone call from the school congratulating me on my completion of my degree program. Man, that was a hard pill to swallow because I quite the first week or so of the first course. After this experience with school I began to practice my realization with all things. I would create a fitness goal and if I didn’t stick to it, I would hold myself accountable a few months later saying, “you could have had your abs by now!”

One of my problems was that I didn’t spend my time working towards my goals. I watched tv. I talked on the phone. I looked at YouTube videos. Aside from taking care of the house and the children I dedicated time to the entertainment of myself completely neglecting who I wanted to become.

Now…I understand that my situation, my failures, and successes all belong to me. My health belongs to me and the decisions that I have made and what I have chosen to spend my time doing. Even my relationships and the conditions of them belong to me and, therefore my pain or discomfort in my relationships belong to me. Once I swallowed that real pill, everything started to become clear to me. Or course life continued to happen but I started to think about life in terms of who I wanted to be and what I wanted my life to look like. I imagine the life I want and how I want to feel in that life and what I want to wear and how I even wanted to look when I looked in the mirror. I imagine conversations I would have and the things that I wanted to know and the life I wanted was required much more money than I was making.

The moral of the story is prepared for the life you want and stop wasting time entertaining the life you have especially if you are not completely happy with who you are or the experiences that you are having. Store up treasures for who you want to be means to read and learn, exercise, eat right, and work towards your goals so that your future self can have what you want her/him to have. Imagine yourself being where you would like to be rather it be emotionally, physically, spiritually, or financially. You have to create goals in those areas and set a path on how to get there and what you need to do and keep your mind of the beautiful experiences that you are going to have and during the time when you scroll down your timeline or watch tv or listen to music stop thinking about entertaining who you are now. What’s so good about indulging in entertainment to try to negate the fact that you’re not happy and put forth the effort required to give your future self and opportunity to live in the existence of your dreams. Think about it. Would you rather have the life you want or that show you’re watching? I don’t know about you but I grew tired of not reaching my goals when I actually had the time to do so but I spent that on entertaining myself. My future self is deserving and so is yours so let us get to work!

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