I have prepared a list of things you can do to care for your locs at home.

1. Drink water daily (1gallon per day)  this will keep your body hydrated this is very important for the condition of your skin and that is important because your scalp is definitely skin. It’s the skin, in fact, that your hair grows out from. Drinking water ensures that the toxins occupying space within you actually have the opportunity to be rinsed and released from you to allow your cell turnover process to complete normally. So please for the sake of your own hair…drink more water!

2. Eat cleaner…this means something different for everyone. I am on a vegan diet currently and just because you are on a vegan diet does not…I repeat…do not mean you are healthy. Understand that the easiest way to get you to do something wrong and is to make you think you are doing something right and selling to you processed food items and pitching them to you because they are “vegan” is something we should pay close attention to…in order to be vegan you must remove meat and animal by products from your diet. This can be difficult for most as animal by products include milk, eggs, butter, and cheese. As we all know there are many foods that you use these ingredients that we constantly consume and don’t even know it. However, processed foods are a class 1 carcinogen. This is the same class as a cigarette so if you would not smoke…or give your kids cigarettes to smoke then you probably should reconsider the processed foods such as hot dogs, sausage, and breakfast patties. Save the children and yourself for that matter. Carcinogenic foods facilitate the oxygen deficiencies that force your very own cells to mutate in to cancer cells. So take responsibility in what we are doing to ourselves. I have been preparing for a transition to a raw diet and also a daily fast regimen. Leave a comment if you want more information about that.

3. Love. One thing about life. It loves animals love the way the water flows along the line of the earth is love. I feel that our society is so over run with toxins that this actually contributes to chemical imbalances, hair loss, and ultimately the deterioration of health. So please be loving whenever it is that you can. Opt to be love. How you choose to respond is an indication of what’s inside. You can only get orange juice from an orange. Make sure you’re not just saying you’re made of orange juice when all that comes out of you old standing sink water…

4. Have discussions: and I don’t mean ask someone before you responsibly look it up yourself. We all have the internet at our finger tips so if you are curious about something look it up. Do your research so that when you do ask a question it’s a learning experience for you and possibly for the other person that you are asking. So you can Have a discussion!

5. Visit this blog for updates. I would love to have discussions with you. Read the blog and stay up to date with my latest news. I will be taking February to create Course material for your learning pleasures.

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