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I have said this before and it is still true that starting locs is a big decision. The reason that starting locs is a big decision goes far beyond the commitment you make to a look you are interested in maintaining. You have to think about many things. Where did Locs even come from, or what is the origin of Locs?

The Origin of locs is important because you must know the meaning behind what you are doing. So many people attempt to put Locs into one culture but the truth is that Locs are a part of many different cultures so I do believe that the purpose of Locs transcends any particular race or culture. If you leave your hair alone and do not groom it. It will begin to form Locs and this is true for any group of people.

In most cultures the group that abandons the vanity of hair styling for spiritual reasons or in a persuit to become enlightened have been known to wear their hair in the dreadlock. That says to me that the journey must be a bit more universal than just any culture or any religion but a path that many people decide to take. I have read that when start your locs that are entering into an agreement with the universe. If, the Locs are intended to be the antenna that strengthens your connection back to source then the Locs have a really important job. So it just makes sense that they would come with quite a spiritual commitment. Now this is just one thing to consider when thinking about starting Locs. Please continue to do more research.

The next fact to consider is the fact that your parting system stays with you through-out the duration of your set of Locs. Now you can change your parting system but that will not be without consequence. You could from where you start combine Locs to make them larger. Partying systems are important because you will see the way your locs are parted after every maintenance. There are a few styles that people frequent but you can part your hair in any parting style you want. Depending on if you want a more traditional look to your locs you could consider the grab and go method.

Grab and go method is pretty simple there is no technicality to it and your parting system ends up being very random. The great thing about this parting pattern is that your locs look very full and healthy. People on a more spiritual journey or people who have come from areas people wear Locs as a part of their process to ascension.

The next parting pattern or system that we will speak about is the brick pattern. This pattern ensures that the Locs will lay in such a way that there will be no empty space and the set would appear fuller.

There is also a diamond parting pattern that people find very satisfying to look at and this is what others see every time you get maintenance however it makes a diagonal lines in your head so your styles should be geared towards those parting systems. You should understand what styles you want to wear once your locs are mature.

The most common way has come to be the box style parting system and it’s the nearest and most uniform way of parting. This parting style is also the most neutral when loc Styling is considered. Most people come to the loctician with no idea about the pattern but these are just some things to consider when starting Locs.

After you decide on a parting system you need to consider your hair texture and how it pertains to the locking technique you decide to use. You can loc your hair by comb twisting or comb coils, two strand twist, and interlocking. Comb twist uses a comb and comes out looking like spiral curls but most importantly goes along with the person’s natural curl pattern. When finding the difference between what the this loc start and other loc start styles becomes almost impossible after the Locs begin to bud. The 3rd loc start style is the interlocking method and I would say this is for people with a looser curl pattern because it instantly locs your hair. You do not have to wait for your hair to loc because it already is and because of this fact if you are prone to sweating or getting your hair wet or you have beautiful soft bouncy curls, or your hair is straight and you are afraid it won’t loc (it will) you just need to give it time but the interlock loc start should ensure that your parting system is locked into place.

In the end once your locs are mature they will look pretty much the way every one else’s Locs look and this happens after about two years on your loc journey. A mature loc is a mature loc.

Question: This blog post was actually inspired by a question that I had from a person that was interested in starting Locs with shaved sides or a Mohawk and how does the process work once this person is ready to grow the rest of her hair back out. Basically, I was asked how would I grow my hair out if I only had Locs in the top of my head?

Answer: if I wanted to start Locs and had a Mohawk I would simply let my hair grow and begin small comb coils as my hair grew back. I may even use a texture sponge because honestly everyone that has Locs that wanted to experience color in their locs are experiencing a loss from the color damage from years of the trend of chemically coloring the Locs.

I do have a client that decided that she would allow one side to grow back and we did a comb coil. Her Locs on the top grew long enough to cover one side of her head. Once those new coils became long enough (4 months) I was actually able to connect them and I do have examples to show exactly what I mean by letting your hair grow out and comb twisting as well as an example of how your hair looks after you have grown them out and how they can be connected and incorporated into a loc style.

I would like to say that choosing to start Locs is a big and important decision but it’s also a beautiful journey to begin. Even when you do not know about the patience that it teaches you, you will learn these lessons belong to you once you begin your loc journey. After about 4 months you stop asking how long it’s going to be and prepare the rest of your life for their (the Locs) arrival.

Every set of Locs are different and depending on what you choose to focus on you will learn different things. Some people need more than one trip and that just depends on how well you were prepared for your mission. I learned many things on my journey and I have since started yet another journey. The most memorable lesson was appreciation. Your hair is so much more than what you realize. I learned that we are invincible when we come together.

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