Say GoodBye To Dry Locs

Have you ever asked the question why do my locs look or feel so dry? How can I get moisture back into my locs? What about this one, I have get this one all the time, how do I prevent my locs from getting dry?

Well here are 6 Simple Steps To Cure Dry Locs Forever! Also

Step Number 1. Drink Water – you may think that we already knew this information and true..we know this..but is that something that we do? Most of us know that we are supposed to drink water and still we do not.

Consider this: you are sweating (release) urinating (release). You are loosing water left and right and it should be replaced. Your vitamins and nutrients are carried to your organs by way of the water. It carries not just the vitamins and nutrients but the electricity. This makes us conductive!

The life must come from the water. Water is amazing and always headed somewhere. We are mostly made of water with the exception of your muscles, organs, and skin. So it makes sense that we would always be in motion or transition. So what happens when you do not drink enough water? Well the short answer is dehydration. The long answer? A loss or depletion of conductivity and electricity. The organs reaction or the distress they must be under, due to the lack of water present in the system of a person that just does not drink it. It’s difficult to think about your organs gasping for oxygen and the vital nutrients to perform its daily functions and it’s just not there.

Yes. Your body does absorb water through the skin as well as it pulls water from the beverages that you drink. Let me know if you want to go deeper into that subject in the comments!! Never the less, we should drink water simply for this reason.

*Your hair grows as your cells turnover and are stacked from the follicle. Anything that allows more cells to turn over will increase hair growth and improve the look and texture of the hair/skin.

If your locs are dry, drink water. When your plant’s soil is dry you automatically know that it is time to water it and that is the approach we should take with your hair or your locs. Once you notice your locs are dry it is definitely time to water them and yes your scalp can absorb water from a shampoo but you want to be proactive and water yourself from the inside as well. When you increase your water intake your locs will look shinier (less dull Locs) and they feel softer and flexible.

Drink more water because it’s the easiest thing to do. There are so many oppotunities in a day to drink water it’s literally appropriate to do any and everywhere, so you have every opportunity to drink water without restriction. I’m not talking about a gallon even though it is suggested, but I’m saying that if you are experiencing dry Locs you could start with the basics, and drink water.

Step Number 2. Go to bed on time. Do you know what happens when you go to sleep? Your body does what you tell it to do the entire day from thinking to digesting do walking to working. Once you are sleeping that is the body’s turn to do the maintenance it’s been needing from the wear and tear of your daily activity. There is always a give and a take. It’s cause and effect. So during the time that you are sleeping your body is healing and handling things it could not otherwise handle while you were awake and moving. Most cells turn over happens during this time. *Remember* what cell turnover means for the growth of our hair. Sleeping affects the health of our hair placing our body on a schedule will allow it to meet its repair needs nightly. Going to be on time again is another basic and simple step but also one of the most important when it comes to getting rid of dry Locs. Being on a schedule allows your body to plan for the things that it needs to get done during the night shift. Honestly, if you do not think that your body plans the repairs that it needs done before hand consider the fact that your body knows how to prioritize based on their level of importanace to survival and constantly are forced into making executive decisions between different organs or systems who all need attention. Now because your body does this so efficiently, one could only come to the conclusion that on some level your body had a plan to what it would do and who or what organ it would serve which is ever more pertanent to its survival. So naturally something like cell turnover, in your hair which would be considered a storage area in your body, would be closer to the end of the priority list as it pertains to your survival. Knowing this bit of information means that the decision to go to sleep at the same time and get enough sleep is an important one. If you know that naturally your body has choices to make work along with your body in aiding it’s survival and stop working against it. Give it enough time to do repairs give it the time while rest to actually get to your hair. If you are not giving yourself that time it is definitely time to start.

Think of your body as a factory when you go to the sleep not only are repairs being done but your body is preparing for the next day based on your overall daily level of activity. Your body has to refill the stock supply of what it used the day before and to ensure your have enough of what you need stocked for the next day. Allowing that time.

Step Number 3. Vitamins and Supplements and Hair products
There are a few vitamins and minerals that contribute to the luster and shine of your hair. Ultimately if you are in alignment your hair will be illuminated and some people like to use synthetic products to portray the appearance or being illuminated. Of course, another word it is to glow. To create the appearance that a person is glowing would imply a mastery over self that many never get to achieve. (I mean that’s my personal theory of why it’s so desireable to glow or be illuminated). Everyone is attracted to the light. I believe hat from the light flows more life by way of the elements. Therefore, you need a certain amount of these things inside of you simultaneously to achieve this particular look. I have many thoughts on this subject so remind me in the comments to bring it back in it’s very own entry!

Apple cider vinegar
Vitamin e
Almond oil

Take a look at your products that you are using in or on your hair. Are the products that you are using good for your hair or skin type? We have to understand that just because a product is marketed for hair does not mean that your hair can benefit from the product.

Eliminate products that have alcohol because alcohol dries your skin and therefore, your hair.

Biotin is something that people rave about when it comes to hair growth and the truth is I have experienced some growth as well during the time when I was taking biotin but I found that I prefer taking biotin with in a hair skin and nail vitamin because they contain other vitamins and nutrients that are great for the skin which helps in the shine on the hair.

*consider otc meds or street meds as well as alcohol you are consuming (alcohol is alcohol) and your body responds to it like a poison it can effortless rob your locs of the moisture you want. These stimulants could also cause stagnant hair growth cycles and overall have a dehydrating or draining effect on your body and this includes your hair.

Step Number 4. Hot Oil LocCocktail

I know you are probably wondering what a Hot Oil locCocktail is and it’s simply this a mixture of distilled warm water with a few essential moisturizing oil and section the locs off into manageable portions. What you want to do and take a warm towel and have it prepared for when the locs come out of the cocktail. I like to pour mine into a cup and deep small sections of hair into the water.

The idea is the distilled water opens up the hair shaft so does heat so naturally we hear the water. Once the hair shaft is opened a suction is created and the oils from inside the water travel through the hair shaft to moisturize your locs.

Step 5. Steer Clear of Stress
This should have been at the top but I feel that different people have different things that affects them some more than others. For many people stress is just one of those things that will drain the life out of you and your locs. We don’t just feel feelings we see them. I’ll give you this example each area has its own vibration or energy. It’s visible by looking at the property value, which would be a financial manifestation of the vine in that area. It either influences the way people think or is influenced by the way people think. It’s like a farm you know the energy flows in that area because of the life the ground can sustain and once it is depleted you will register that has a decrease in the vibrational charge of that area. Some of us need to mindful on where and what areas we spend most of our time as this could contribute to the delepletion of our luster and that is how reducing your stress goes.
If you job is the problem and you’re choosing to be there well then take that responsibility and find another option. If your partner is causing you stress again you chose them so there is only so much stress a person can give you before you become responsible for placing them in your world in the first place.

Many people find that meditation is a stress relievers and I would have to agree and not because I know anything more or a portal was opened because before you practice a discipline you may not have those experienced with meditation but you can have the still And create that mind body connection that puts us in tune to life improvement.

Step Number 6. Water Fast
I know you think this is a repeat of number 1 but it is not. I did a 6 day water fast recently and one of the benefits that I discovered was the shine and vibrance in my skin and hair for weeks after the fast was completed. There were actually many benefits that I experienced during my water fast and if you would like to find out more about it check out the series of entries called Fast Life

Try these 6 Steps and your locs will shine, and say goodbye to Dry Locs

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